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Sex Chat Lines

Calls to “Adult Virtual Chat Number” charged at £3.60 per minute from a BT Landline plus your phone company’s access charge.

The Best Guide to Great Phone sex

Everyone knows that humans are creatures that need sexual pleasure. The progress of humanity is based on this and there is no wonder to see that phone sex is a wonderful way to unwind and to think about your own pleasures. Usually the dirty chat over the phone will have the purpose to arise your sexual feelings and to offer increase stimulation. After a while orgasms and masturbation is impossible not to follow. Both parties have fun and this is what phone sex is all about.

When it comes to paying for the dirty chat the varieties are large. If you talk to your girlfriend on the phone, probably there will be no charge. On the other hand, if you do not have a partner, you will need to call a professional service. This will come with a cost. You can find a phone partner online, but in this case you need to remember that these people do not want to have a meeting face to face so you have to get over this issue.

In case you know the person you are talking to, it might sound a little bit uncomfortable at first. This is why you should treat it as a joke in order to get started. It is essential to make the environment in which you stay as exciting as possible. Use things that turn you one like music or candles. The essential thing is for everyone to feel as comfortable as possible. Talk about your deepest fantasies or start with what you wish would happen in reality.

Like on the real deal, you will have to use a specific technique in order to turn on the partner. Many people use visualization and describe a wide variety of scenarios that they like. The timing can be crucial. Like in real sex, there is a rhythm and you have to know and recognize it. This means that you should never be in a hurry. Take your time because a quickie is not something that you can do via the phone. The success of phone sex is related to building up excitement and expectations. Make sure that everyone wants to have the sex via phone. If the other person is not in the mood, you are barking at the wrong tree. Talk with them about their day and if you feel that everything is alright, you can propose the sex.

As for the dirty chat, it is best in the beginning to keep the language as casual as possible. You should not use scientific terms because they are not at all turning people on. It is best to use a little bit of slang because it can turn into nice dirty language. In the case of the technique used, you have to be believable. Try and describe it as good as you can, but keep the moves realistic. Also, remember your current position as you want things to be as real as possible. You want a good continuity so the graphic descriptions need to be kept as simple as you can. It may be tempting to try complicated and long descriptions. But these might confuse you all even more. You do not want to sound too artificial because it is not good for anyone

You may wonder if there are any real life advantages to having sex over the phone. In case you are doing it with your boyfriend or girlfriend, this is a lovely way to talk about the sexual fantasies that you have. It will bring a new twist to the relationship because many people are too shy to talk dirty to their partners in real life. In the case of long distance relationships, the phone sex might be a way to keep the flame burning. For the people who indulge to phone over the phone with strangers or acquaintances, the best thing is that they do not worry about sexual transmitted diseases or anything like that. You can also learn things that can be applied in real life later on.

As for the disadvantages of phone sex, for sure there are some that can be mentioned. The bad part is that you can get totally addicted and like it too much. Spending a lot of your time on the phone will limit your possibilities to have real life sex. It might also be a negative thing for your current relationship because you are no longer sensitive to the needs of your partner. Also, using hotlines might take a high toll on your budget.